Agri-Motion PCSW1

Electric motor for precision volumetric sowing and optimized fertilization

Your machine will be more precise during both the sowing and fertilization processes

Agri-Motion PCS W1 is the innovative electric motor used to control motorized hoppers and allows you to sow and to distribute the fertilizer on the soil more precisely, also optimizing the amount of product used.
The ready-to-use motor kit can be quickly installed on your machine and it allows you to control the hopper through a mobile phone or a tablet by calculating the amount of seeds or fertilizer that can be distributed according to the tractor speed and the operating parameters that have been set.

The latest versions of the PCS W1 are designed to update the motor and access point in Agri-Motion X-Tend.

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Electric Motor for precision agriculture

The PCSW1 is based on the DMD 0 Agri-Motion system, a highly reliable 12V brushless motor, with integrated driver board and gearmotor, specifically developed for agricultural applications.

Technical Data

An App able to wirelessly control the speed and amount of sowing

To create a wireless connection, we developed a dedicated access point which is able to generate a precise wireless network to safely connect it to the system. Thanks to the network, you can connect the Agri-Motion PCSW1 App (available for iOS and Android) to the motor and control every detail of the procedure.

Details about the App
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Functionality and Advantages on the field

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Easy adjustment of sowing and fertilizer/seeds distribution parameters

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Automatic adjustment of the rotation speed of the machine according to the tractor speed

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Simplified tramline function

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Machine motorization without using local plants nor other consoles

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Machine adjustment/easy calibrations

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You can update the system without taking it off the machine

Quick Installation with Maximum Compatibility

The ready-to-use kit can be quickly installed, and it allows you to pilot the hopper through a mobile phone or a tablet. The miniaturized Wi-Fi access point provides a wireless connection to the motor and makes it possible to set and monitor the operating parameters in real time. The configuration menu allows you to calibrate the speed sensor as well as the distributor volume. The main screen displays the maximum speed, the hectares run, the density of the product in use, the amount of product that needs to be delivered and other parameters related to the machine status.

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