About us

Agri-Motion represents a product line developed by ROJ in its Mechatronics Business Unit

ROJ Mechatronics

ROJ was born in 1965 in Biella and designed its products during the mechanical and textile development in the 1970s.

In more recent years, ROJ decided to allocate part of its resources in the Mechatronic field and developed, together with the other companies of the VanDeWiele Group, a first range of servomotors, integrated with drives and gear units.

ROJ motors are controlled by digital technology, standard or dedicated protocols, wireless or wired connection through Control Units or mobile devices with dedicated Apps. Since 2013 ROJ has been taking part in precision agriculture growth with its motors and systems for the distribution of seeds, plants and fertilizers.

In 2017 the AGRI-MOTION product range was designed and ROJ and started its collaboration with the most relevant global players of Precision Farming for both agricultural equipment and positioning systems.