Agri-Motion PCS 150

Transplanter Control System

PCS 150 – Transplanter Control System

The PCS 150 is the ROJ transplanter control system.

The scope of the system is to replace the mechanical transmission in transplanting machines by means of electric motors, enabling a greater flexibility of the machine and providing new functionalities which are not possible to achieve with the mechanical transmission.

The PCS 150 is based on the rugged Agri-Motion DMD-0 motor, controlled by the PCS 150 ECU and can be scaled up adding extra fertilizer hopper distributors.

Key Features:

• Cam profile movement to make it easier to place the plant on the distributor;
• USB key log for invoicing and statistical analysis;
• Fertiliser and micro-granular management;
• Support for alternator and battery use with high number of rows;
• Optional plant counter and presence sensor.