Information about compatibility, motor installation procedures and problem solving

Questions and answers

How can I understand if the motor is compatible with my machine?

You will be provided with technical drawings in order to see both the space occupied by the gearmotor and its electrical features. Usually, there aren’t any installation problems on hoppers with / without a blowing system, on row sowing machines or similar machines.

Go to the data sheet available at this link >

What is the best way to install the motor?

There isn’t a best way, you need to think about the installation which can be more suitable for your machine. The motor fixing is very easy because you only need 3 M10x50 screws. Usually you can easily install it with a 4/5mm-thick plate and a 19mm hollow-shaft adapter.

Is it possible to check if I carried out a proper installation before starting to work on the soil?

Of course, an advanced testing system has been integrated in the “Diagnostics” menu, allowing you to set the desired speed in rpm and checking if the motor respects the speed set and the instantaneous torque absorbed.

What is the maximum speed at which I can work?

The maximum speed of the motor is 100 rpm. It is not possible to pre-determine the maximum working speed without having set all the machine parameters first. Anyway, the app gives practical indications about the maximum working speed, which can be calculated using previously provided data.