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Kit for motorised hoppers with wireless control

Agri-Motion X-Tend is the innovative control kit for motorised hoppers for precision agriculture realized by ROJ.
The kit, controlled via App, is designed and built for precision volumetric sowing and optimized fertilization.

Easy to install

Machine motorization without using local plants nor wired consoles

Easy to use

Immediate adjustment of the sowing and fertilizer distribution parameters by the App


Automatic adjustment of the sowing speed and distribution according to the tractor speed

Periodic Updates

You can update the system without taking it off the machine

Save on seeds and fertilizers

It calculates the quantity of product that needs to be distributed and reduces the waste

Maximum Compatibility

The Agri-Motion X-TEND kit will perfectly fit your machine

Precision Farming = saving!

The Agri-Motion X-Tend kit can be installed in a short time and allows to control, provide settings and monitor, in real time, the activity of each hopper via mobile phone or tablet.

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More Productivity

The delivered product falls accurately on the soil, improving its performance

Higher Efficiency

By controlling all the parameters through the App, you can save time and product

Faster Speed

Automatic adjustment of the seeding and distribution speed

Less wastes

Only the quantity you want goes to the field

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The complete kits in their configurations or components can be ordered from retailers and soon also from e-commerce. The app can be downloaded for free.

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