ROJ PCS systems

ROJ PCS systems

ROJ PCS systems are an alternative to ISOBUS systems to electrify agricultural machinery; the ROJ PCS system can be configured in three different ways according to the application:

    1.     PCS 200, designed for precision sowing, can manage up to:

  •         32 sowing motors
  •         8 fertilizer motors
  •         8 motors with type A micro granulate
  •         8 motors with type B micro granulate

    2.     PCS 150, designed for transplanter machines, can manage up to:

  •         32 transplant motors
  •         8 fertilizer motors
  •         8 motors with type A micro granulate
  •         8 motors with type B micro granulate

    3.     PCS FS, designed for pneumatic or mechanical sowing with volumetric control, can manage up to:

  •         32 motors with product A (seeds or fertilizer)
  •         8 fertilizer motors
  •         8 motors with type A micro granulate
  •         8 motors with type B micro granulate


Through the ROJ Agri-Mate terminal, color graphic console with touch controls, it is possible to manage, monitor the working status and make the following settings:

  • Modification, directly modifying from the ROJ Agri-Mate terminal, without mechanical maneuvers, of the working settings, such as the sowing distance/plant, the quantity of seeds/plant per hectare or the quantity of product (fertilizer/micro granulate) per hectare;
  • Connection of pressure, seed/plant drop, level and fan speed sensors;
  • Check of double seeds or failures;
  • Set up the pre-loading of products;
  • Partial and total hectare counter display;
  • Statistical display of working parameters;
  • Start of calibration procedure and sowing test;
  • Hopper level monitoring;
  • Activation of tramline function;
  • Upload/download of data via USB and system software update;
  • Graphic display of the machine status;
  • Diagnostic display of errors;
  • Activation of test functions and simulation of operation. 

What are the main functions performed by the Agri-Mate PCS console?

Here below is possible to find a list of the main functions performed by the ROJ Agri-Mate console:

1.     System configuration, through which it is possible:

  •         Configure the number of motors for each of the 4 groups (sowing/transplanting, spreader/fertilizer, micro granulate A and micro granulate B);
  •         Carry out the calibration of the speed of advancement of the agricultural machinery;
  •         Calibrate the quantity of product distribuited for the volumetric distributors in a guided way;    
  •         Enable the different sensors present in the system.

2.     Settings of the working conditions, with the possibility of estimating, for example, the maximum processing speed and the theoretical values of coverage (such as the number of seeds deposited per hectare);

3.     Commands-Procedures, to do a quick and intuitive check on the entire system (it is characterized by visual or acoustic signals);

4.     Display of measured values and processed information, through which it is possible to see tables and summary information on the progress of the work (for example on the quantity of seeds distributed);

5.     Diagnostics, to do tests on the single motor drive and, subsequently, to view a graph showing the speed and torque trend;

6.     Recording and export of working data.